Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back to Jackson

It wasn't a long trip, but the odometer tells the story-- 389 miles between Tuscaloosa and Mississippi's Capital City.

This time it was a doctoral dissertation defense that took me back to the city.

The re-visit reminded me of the original journey about six weeks ago. In many ways, it seemed shorter than before. This time, I stayed in Pearl, Mississippi where regular unleaded gasoline was 2.78/gallon, some of the least expensive gas I've seen in while.

I topped off my tank before heading back this morning.

While it wasn't my cup of tea, the Jubilee JAM was going on this weekend in Downtown Jackson. This photo of the big crowds was taken earlier today and posted on the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau site.

Now that we're back from Jackson, it's time to prepare for Columbia, South Carolina, which comes later this week.

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