Thursday, August 16, 2007

First ride on CrimsonRide

If you're in Tuscaloosa, Ala, you probably have seen the new white transit buses with the Univ. of Alabama signage on them.

Welcome to CrimsonRide, the biggest change in transportation in decades for Tuscaloosa and the University.

All summer, I've had students in my reporting class doing assignments on the debut of the system, which has been under discussion for more than a year.

Today, the first day for the 2007-2008 parking decals, those of us who work at the University adjusted to new parking arrangements.

For me, it was a bit frustrating not being able to access the Campus Drive Parking Deck from what is a PARTIALLY COMPLETED Hackberry Lane. The much-publicized traffic switch for Hackberry Lane is NOT yet done. So, you have to access the Campus Drive lot from a different street. I'll have to figure that one out tomorrow.

After driving through some construction zones, I ended up parking in front of the AIME building this morning and hoofing it across campus to Graves Hall, where I am in a two-day workshop this week.

This afternoon, I rode the GOLD bus for the first time- back to the Ferguson Center stop-- across from my parking lot. I passed a lot of traffic -- at 4:45pm. I worry that this could be a MAJOR problem-- too many cars still on campus along with 15 transit buses.

I couldn't help but think what it will be like NEXT Thursday, the first Tues/Thurs class day. I'll have a late afternoon class and be leaving campus around 6 p.m.

As the cliche goes, only time will tell.

For now, I'll just say Welcome CrimsonRide!

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