Thursday, May 08, 2008

Communication Scholar Named New Howard President

This is the first day after the spring semester and I finally have time to update my blog with thoughts about one of the biggest stories of the week for me-- the appointment of a new president at Howard University.

It was announced yesterday that Dr. Sidney Ribeau, the president of Bowling Green State University in Ohio will become the 16th president of my beloved alma mater.

It was exciting to see this news, in particular, because Ribeau is a interpersonal communications scholar. While I'm not in communication studies, the field of journalism and mass communication is closely aligned with our brethren in rhetoric and communications.

Based on the the write-ups I've read, it looks as if his 13 years at the northwest Ohio school have been good ones.

I visited there a couple of years ago and was impressed.

Right now, I'm excited about what's to come as Ribeau takes up where Dr. Swygert leaves off to lead the world's premiere HBCU.

Ribeau is described as a "facilitator of change" and "collegial leader." We'll see how that plays out as he takes the helm August 1.

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