Monday, June 30, 2008

Video embedding- MSNBC-style

These days news Web sites-- whether extensions of newspapers or electronic media outlets are increasingly including video as a "MUST-HAVE" on their sites. I'm told by some who run these sites that the availability of video that viewers can click and watch dramatically enhances the viewer experience and increases the number of "hits" on a site. Visitors stay longer when they're watching video instead of just scanning text.

I'm a big ONLINE Video watcher. In fact, this summer, I've developed a habit of watching at least three daily news programs via podcast. Downloading NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, an ABC News Webcast is a routine that gives me about an hour's worth of network news content guaranteed. It's a useful evening supplement (NOT a replacement) to my reading the daily newspapers in the morning (I tend to read at least 3 every morning). And, if I'm home or able to get to a television at 5:30 p.m. Central Time, it allows me to focus on the over-the-air newscasts NOT available online.

Now, tonight during one of those web-only commercials during the Nightly News podcast, I saw the announcement about MSNBC's video embedding tool.

BAM! I'm there-- and here's my first video embedded on my blog. Like any easy tool-- there's a catch, MSNBC includes a quick advertisment for viewers to point BACK to its site at the end of the video. But, if you're not put off by that, the video is one to check out.

This is one of my favorite stories of the day because Wal-mart (A.P. Stylistically correct way to write it) is finally growing on me after all of these years. I've always been a Target (or as they say "Tar--ZAY") kind of guy, preferring the neat, "refined" orderly layout of the big RED DOT stores to the seemingly "zoo-like" atmosphere of a Wal-Mart (Have you ever been in there on the first day of the month?).

OK-- that was a little insensitive, I'll admit. My apologies.

But, on a recent trip, I made a food run from my hotel and Wal-mart was nearby. So, the nation's biggest retailer got my food money for the day-- and I came out with a frozen dinner, munchies and plenty of water with not a lot of money. I was pretty happy and I avoided the stop for unhealthy fast food, to which I often resort when traveling.

Now, the retailer is donning a new look. Will that bring George Daniels back to the store more often? Maybe, it's certainly got my attention.

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