Friday, October 10, 2008

Near Record Attendance Here in Columbia

COLUMBIA, SC-- I'm told about 80 people have registered for this year's Convergence Conference and if I heard nothing else-- I'm gotten an earful on the latest data for what newspapers and televisions are doing with their Web operations.

More details later, but as you see from the photo above, there are more people than we've had before engaging in this type of discussion about what's happening online.

I'm ducking out of that session, Newsroom Practices on Convergence" to make this posting. The photo shows what I could see from the back of Salon A here at Conference Center portion of the Clarion Hotel in downtown Columbia.

It's nice to have wireless so that these types of updates are do-able.

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Andrew Schrock said...

George - good to see you again at the Convergence Conference. It was yet again (as you rightly pointed out) a healthy mix of practices, tips, and research perspectives. Unfortunately I had to jet (literally) early, so you'll have to let me know how the late afternoon Friday and Saturday went.

PS: I've posted about the community aspects of the program here, on the APOC site.