Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day- The Voting Experience

Well, the early morning excitement about the beginning of Election Day has subsided. I've voted and now it's time for a little reflection on the entire experience, which took all of about 75 minutes.

Even though I got there as polls were opening, by the time I got the Bobby Miller Recreation Center and parked and (at an adjacent baseball field), it was at least 7:05 when I got in line.

Still, I could tell the line was moving pretty well. The amount of time it took the mark the ballot-- LESS than five minutes, even with the local races.

But, was it worth it standing in line for an hour- absolutely! At some point, that wait, that one day being late to work every four years is worth it.

In such an important election, the inconvenience of waiting in line an hour is minor when it comes to deciding the course of our nation and its standing in the world.

I awakened before 4:30 a.m. as I was so psyched up for today (and had a lot of things to do this morning). Now, almost 5 hours later, I'm still psyched.

But I feel a sense of accomplishment-- that I've done my part as a citizen.

No matter how much we journalists talk about the election as a news story. There's something different when for a period time (i.e. this morning)you become a citizen and stand in line with other more "high-profile" people in your community. Voting is the ultimate equalizer.

Thank God for the orderly, organized manner that we do our civic duty here in Alabama.

Regardless of who wins, it's already been a good day.

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