Friday, June 19, 2009

Daniels Makes Bid for SPJ National Board

Like many of the candidates in the most recent presidential election, I have chosen to make a political announcement in an online environment.

This week after lots of thought and prayer, I am launching a bid for the national board of the Society of Professional Journalists, the nation's LARGEST, most broad-based group for journalists.

This has little to do with copying the strategies of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and everything to do with recognizing that this medium-- the World Wide Web IS where journalism can and does happen.

What Must SPJ Do?

As a forward-looking organization, the Society of Professional Journalists can no longer turn up its nose at those who present their reporting product exclusively in this medium.

During the upcoming Annual Convention of SPJ in late August, I will be among those on a slate of declared candidates to fill vacant seats on the SPJ Board.

What Will My Role Be?

As Campus Adviser At-Large, I look forward to doing much of what I have already done as a member, and most recently chair, of the Journalism Education Committee: working with other campus advisers to Keep the needs and concerns of campus chapters on the front-burner.

This year, I have enjoyed working with the Vice President for Campus Affairs, Neil Ralston, a journalism faculty member at Western Kentucky. I hope to continue to work with him in the next year as well.

I've watched as my Ithaca College colleague and vice chair of the Journalism Education Committee, Prof. Mead Loop has served in that role and as Adviser At-Large. He and Sue Kopen Katcef of the University of Maryland have been the "go-to" persons for advisers like myself who were new in the position.

While my local chapter isn't perfect, we've had enough bumps and bruises to help other SPJ campus chapters and their advisers.

What Issues Will I Confront?

One of those concerns expressed recently was the method of annual reporting. I'd like to see some discussion about how to refine/update this important system of accountability. Additionally, as a member of the Radio-Television News Directors Association (soon to be Radio-Television Digital News Association), I would like to be actively engaged in discussions about how SPJ can collaborate with our journalism organizations to keep our members on the cutting edge with jointly-sponsored training events and conventions.

As a Diversity Leadership Fellow in 2006, I saw the front end of SPJ's strategic planning process. Now, three years later, I want to have a more active role in making sure SPJ executes its strategic plan-- particularly in the areas of inclusiveness and society operations.


Bob Bergland said...

Good luck, George. I think you'd be a great fit for the position!

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