Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Here's my first real web log posting on my new ALABAMA PRODUCER blog! The photos that preceded this posting were not real postings. Those who know me well also know I like to write and talk and e-mail. Now those of you who are patient will get a chance to read my postings to this blog.

I'm still trying to figure out how add some elements to the page. But, for now, it's up and running. In just about 12 hours, I will be taking off for the western U.S. to Provo, Utah for the Convergence Conference sponsored by Brigham Young University's Department of Communications. I am expecting great things as I share some of the things I have been doing on convergence both in my teaching and research.

I hope to be able to log in here several times during the next few days and record some of the observations. In the meantime, check out the conference web site to see what we'll be doing over the next three or four days. In the meantime, please pray for safe travels and that I will make all the flight connections as I head to the conference.

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