Friday, November 04, 2005

SW Symposium Begins

After a morning of seeing downtown Greeley and chatting with the editor of the Greeley Tribune, the OFFICIAL business of the 2005 Southwest Symposium begins.

Minutes from now, the first panel of the symposium will begin here in the University Center of the University of Northern Colorado.

In the photo, you see members of the University of Northern Colorado faculty and staff assisting conference registrants as they pick up their badges.

The Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication started in the state of Texas. But, today the organization includes those from journalism/mass communication programs in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wyoming and I know I'm forgetting some of the states.

As a co-author of a paper from a colleague from Arkansas, I am ALSO participating in this meeting.

More to come later on what emerges from the sessions.

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