Thursday, January 26, 2006

About that NEW 5th TV Network

Now-- the to rest of the story. My original reason for posting tonight was the formation of the New CW, a network that comes from the merger of the Warner Bros. Network (the WB) and the United Paramount Network (UPN).

The good news for me is that "Gilmore Girls" is STILL going to be there on the CW.

But, it will be interesting to see how the various affiliates work out the programming in the new network.

With urban or black-oriented shows on UPN, we have to wonder how much of that programming will be found on the new merged network.

In my search for information about this latest change, I went to the Viacom website, which no longer includes info. about UPN. As a broadcast network, UPN is part of the new CBS Corporation, which split from Viacom last year.

I'm looking forward to talking about this in my upcoming Media Management course in May.

That's why I love following media organizations. They're always changing.

Stay tuned.

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