Thursday, May 31, 2007

City #5- Atlanta, Ga.

ATLANTA-- Tonight we end the month of May as we began—on the road. I never posted my updates from City #1, City #2 or City #3 on the Seven Cities, Six Weeks Tour. (That’s coming, I promise) But, it all began May 1.

City #5 is Atlanta, Georgia.. another state capital. That makes THREE State Capitals I’ve visited (four if you include one I drove through) within the last 30 days.

The important components of these visits are the sites, sounds and the experiences. Since I’ve lived here before, Atlanta is not really a visit. Instead, it’s a reunion.

There aren’t many sites and sounds to take in from Interstate 20, which is about all I have seen today. (We’ll see how bad morning traffic is tomorrow)

The occasion: taking a flight on AirTran Airlines or is it AirTran Airways? I’ll have to check that out later.

I usually fly either Delta or Southwest Airlines. But, this trip to the Society of Professional Journalists Scripps Leadership Institute is being funded through the SPJ Headquarters, which uses a travel agency.

These days many of us have become accustomed to air travel with electronic tickets—the ones that are e-mailed to us and we check-in online printing our own boarding passes.

Well, when you use a travel agency, you have to get a paper ticket. So, I’ll have to go through the old-fashioned check-in with my paper ticket tomorrow morning at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport, which just celebrated the one-year anniversary (a term that is stylistically incorrect according to the latest Associated Press Stylebook) of its newest runway.

So, greetings from Georgia’s Capital City—the former Olympic City—Atlanta!

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