Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Travel Log Begins

Even though it was TWO weeks ago today that I began a seven-city swing to places in the eastern United States, I am just getting around to starting my online journal of what I learned from each of these places.

As the rough artwork depicts-- I'm calling this "SEVEN CITIES, Six Weeks" as a way to tie together what I expect will be a long series of postings.

My goal is to present in a multimedia fashion, a series of reports, updates, lessons learned, reflections, etc on my experiences in the places to which I travel between May 1 and June 23, 2007. (Yes, technically that's a slight bit over six week-- but you get the picture).

Starting on Tuesday May 1, I visited the Westernmost city on the tour-- Jackson, Mississippi. That was followed on May 5 with a stop in Nashville, Tennessee. Then on Sunday May 6, I arrived in Mobile, Alabama.

Tomorrow, May 16, I will be back on the road again for a one-day excursion to the Windy City of Chicago, which will be followed roughly two weeks from now to the Indiana State Capital-- Indianapolis on June 1.

In between Chicago and Indianapolis, I will make a very brief stop in the Georgia capital city of Atlanta.

The Seventh and final city on the schedule is Columbia, South Carolina. Yes, there will be worthwhile points in between to mention. My datelines will let you know the places from which I was filing.

You'll notice in the list of stops are visit state capitals. I hope to visit the actual state capitol in the state capital while I am there.

The experience of blogging over this period of time is teaching me just how difficult it is to keep an online journal-- keep it up, update it and present different content that is interesting and compelling to read and enjoy.

Why do we do these travel logs? What is the benefit of multimedia journalism? And, what does providing this kind of insight do to the reporting experience? Those are some the questions I hope to answer as I go along this personal summer journey.

On some legs of this trip, I'll have postings with a timeline to share as I make the more interesting aspects of the trip real -- while on others it will be a traditional journalistic endeavor of writing a story that has an interesting hook or compelling lead or exciting quotation.

The dates of the postings may not necessarily correspond to the day the trip was taken. That's all a product of where I am and the nature of the computer access I have along the way.

Well we have an early start tomorrow-- with a 6:40 flight from Birmingham. So, we'll call it a night.

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