Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's not about Palm Sunday, It's About God's Plan

Charlotte, NC-- It's Palm Sunday and we begin week two of this road trip in Charlotte, NC where I was fortunate enough to worship with the folks at New Birth Charlotte this morning.

It's hard to believe this church is already five years old. I remember visiting only three weeks after Pastor Terrell Murphy founded the church in 2003, right after I had moved from New Birth in Atlanta to Alabama.

I was eager to check out this first church that was planted outside of our Lithonia, Ga- based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. I remember when Pastor Murphy was Elder Murphy and dynamically leading our college campus ministry. He's still as dynamic as ever and allowing God to use him in a mighty way.

He has the heart of our Bishop Eddie L. Long and it just flows right through the way that New Birth Charlotte has grown to several thousand members in the last half-decade.

Picked up a copy of Pastor Murphy's first book, It Had Already Happened. Can't wait to dive into it this week in between stops on this trip.

I was challenged today to remember that I am part of God's plan-- and everything I do should tie directly back to his larger plan.

The church has moved to a larger facility where it now holds three services at 7 am, 9:15am and noon. It started with services at a high school in Huntersville.

Having been back once since that initial visit, I was coming today for the first time to the facility in University Place-- but it definitely won't be my last. I'll have schedule a Sunday here in Charlotte again so that I can worship here another Sunday.

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