Sunday, April 20, 2008

NAB Conference Web Sites

There are many Web Sites that relate to the recent gathering of the National Association of Broadcasters, which I attended in Las Vegas last week.

NAB Home Page

The the largest advocacy group for radio and television licensees of the Federal Communication Commission. The organization's Web site talks about what happens the other 51 weeks when this group is not meeting in Vegas.

RTNDA Home Page
Last week's gathering was not only the meeting of the National Association of Broadcasters, but also the largest group of electronic journalists, the Radio Television News Directors Association. RTNDA, of which I am a member, recently upgraded its Web site.

Las Vegas Convention Center Home Page

The home base for the tens of thousands of electronic technicians and managers was the Las Vegas Convention Center, which has three halls. This Web Site includes a number of floor plans and other resources to help visitors like myself negotiate the huge convention venue.

Las Vegas Monorail

Since my hotel was located on the opposite end of the famous Las Vegas Strip, I had to catch the Monorail to and from the Convention Center each day. This Web site gives you information on how to purchase tickets.

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