Saturday, October 28, 2006

Top Paper Award

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Well, I was blown away last night with one of the biggest research awards of the year (for me). The paper that Dr. Lillie Fears (Arkansas State University) and I wrote on student interest in broadcast journalism was chosen as one of the TOP PAPERS for the Southwest Symposium here at LSU.

As I reflect on last night, I am recalling the snowy Saturday afternoon in 1998 when I won my very first research award at the Southeast Colloquium at the University of Kentucky. There's something about having your research recognized. And, it feels great to be among this year's outstanding papers.

The Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication is an organization to which Lillie introduced me three years ago. We were working on a paper and she suggested we submit to this friendly regional group of scholars and students from states like Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Utah, New Mexico, and YES-- Louisiana.

You have to be from a member state and Lillie being from Arkansas has encourage our participation in this conference. It is the only regional journalism group to have its own academic journal, the Southwestern Mass Communication Journal.

As one of the paper winners, Lillie and I will have our paper, "New Generation in the 'Pink-Collar Ghetto?' Student Interests in Broadcast Journalism" published in the journal next year. Wow! This is fantastic.

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