Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Trip to Tiger Country

BATON ROUGE-- After going to New Orleans, the next stop on my "Louisiana" tour as one of my colleagues put it was here in Baton Rouge.

The first thing I realized after driving through the swampy areas that appeared along the I-10 West route between what used to be Louisiana's largest city and what is now the biggest, Baton Rouge, was more tree damage.

Before this week, I had been both to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. But, I had never visited BOTH in the same trip.

Again, I find the best thing to do with blog is to POST something. (Something I have NOT done all year until now). As anyone reading this can see, I have not updated this thing since January when I was in Florida.

Even now, I have something else to do, but am pausing to update my web log.

Most memorable about this trip-- the hospitality shown by our hosts at the Louisiana State University. Wow! I was here in 1999 for the National Black Graduate Student Association. While I had no formal meetings on the LSU campus, I made a stop on the campus and was very under-whelmed.

After the tour we had today and the experience of being in the newly-renovated journalism building, I am REALLY impressed.

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