Thursday, February 08, 2007

From occasional blogger to Power blogger?

I've lost an hour (time I was supposed to working something else) reading through and digesting a posting on another blog about the so-called "Power blogger."

Thanks to fellow blogger and journalism professor Anthony Moretti for the tip.

How is a power blogger defined? And, what makes one blog better than another?

In this article, 12 Posts a day was mentioned-- posting constantly and finding a particular niche.

Last year, I was good if I made 12 posts in a few months' time.

Guess I haven't fully embraced the technology. In order to make a dozen posts in one day, one really has to be almost a full-time blogger like Romanesko whose multiple posts are read by dozens of journalists.

In the process of reading about Power blogging, I just learned that Mark Whitaker has moved from the role of editor-in-chief of Newsweek to the chief of new ventures for The Washington Post.

It's all one big company (Washington Post Company), but this clearly appears to be a real future-looking transition for Whitaker.

He was interviewed by BEET TV at the recent Always On conference.

"The future of journalism whether it's in print or online is everybody figuring out where they add value," said Whitaker.

Based on this statement, I have to ADD value when I'm blogging if this is part of that forward-looking journalism that I'm trying to teach in my classes.

Whitaker described the fact that so many news organizations in the U.S. report the same stuff and thus, add little to the public's overall understanding of an issue or event.

Power blogger? No, not anywhere close. But, adding value-- now THAT's something I think I can do.

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