Saturday, February 03, 2007

Update on Terry Moran's blog

Well, after a couple of weeks, ABC News' Terry Moran’s online musings are growing on me.

The web blog is called PUSHBACK and it's giving ABC viewers and interested parties additional access to thoughts of this network news anchor/reporter.

Based on previous experiences with ABC News, I was quite skeptical of Moran's move into the blogosphere in an earlier posting.

While he is not engaging with every individual posting, he is reading the feedback and using that as a springboard for further postings.

That’s the challenge with this blogging thing-- what do you write about every day? It’s no different than having a regularly-published newspaper column.

During the month of January 2007, I’ve been posting more to this web log than I did all of last year (2006).

What did I learn from reading back through Terry’s postings today? Well, for one, I picked up on a story I missed about a New York Times reporter who was reprimanded.

That’s definitely an example I’ll use in my journalism class this week. I learned a lot more about War Correspondent Ernie Pyle, about whom I previously knew very little. (Yes, I’ve heard for Ernie Pyle before and been to Ernie Pyle Hall, home of the Indiana University School of Journalism).

So, I think Terry’s pricked my curiosity enough to keep reading his blog and adding to my own.

I’ll admit I didn’t watch ABC Nightline at all last week. Ultimately, that’s why the news networks are encouraging their staffers to enter into the blogosphere. They want to drag interested parties back in front of the TV to watch their shows. It’s a strategy that certainly works on me.

So, Terry Moran, in case you’re reading this—I like the blog, so far!

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