Thursday, August 14, 2008

Excited about Edenton

RICHMOND, Va. -- From the hometown/homebase for this week, we are setting out on a one-day excursion to Edenton, NC for a family trip to a Christian playhouse.

There is a play (I'm sure what) that my mom has picked out for both my brother and me to see. But, the big story won't be the play, it will be traveling to the Northeastern region of North Carolina.

We've never done this trip from Richmond, Va. to Virginia Beach, Va. (where my brother lives) to Edenton, NC.

You may recall, in an earlier post, I talked about getting lost in Hampton Roads, Va. heading to the Virginia Beach last December. We're hoping for smoother travels today.

The Web site for the Rocky Hock Playhouse says it's in historic Edenton. So, we might even encounter some history of North Carolina.

For me, this will be the first of two trips to North Carolina. The second will be to the Western portion of the state.

Of course, the biggest benefit of today's venture won't be the destination, it will be the fact that my parents and my brother and I will actually do something together that's not on a holiday or a birthday or a special occasion.

And, to God be the glory we have wonderful travel weather (Sunny, low 80s) today.

On to Edenton.

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