Sunday, March 01, 2009

2 p.m. Last Snowman Standing

I suppose it's not surprising that today's snow event here in Tuscaloosa was short-lived.

By the time our Sunday services ended at nearly 1 p.m., the snow that had blanketed the church grounds was all gone.

On the way home, I managed to find ONE lingering sign of today's memorable winter weather-- a lone snowman down the street from my house that was still standing, though some of his features were already on the ground, an apparent victim of the above-freezing temperatures.

You can see from the brown grass that the sun quickly melted away our white blanket, the heaviest such blanket in at least a couple of years for our city in West Central Alabama.

While I haven't seen any official snowfall totals for our area, I would imagine 2-3 inches fell in the city of Tuscaloosa.

It's a good thing that I didn't let the winter weather keep me home. Though, a lot of my fellow church members did.

We only had 5 people in my Sunday School class that usually has about 15 or more. And, my quick head count showed only about 120-130 people in our 10 a.m. service that usually has more than 500 attendees.

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