Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time for Spring Break

It's that time of year again-- when the weather is kind of in between winter and spring and the thoughts of "getting away" are prominent in our minds.

One adult laughed today when I mentioned that I was leaving for "spring break." I can only imagine she was thinking how nice it would be to take a vacation every March.

Spring Break is surely one of the benefits of working in an academic environment. Even though it mostly manages to fall during the third week of March-- allowing me to celebrate my St. Patrick's Day birthday while on Spring Break-- I would prefer it be later in the spring semester. The first week of April is ideal.

At the University of Alabama, where I am a member of the faculty, our break falls this year the week of March 16th.

But, I guess anytime we can take a breather from the day-to-day demands of work and school, we should take full advantage.

For me, it will be a "working vacation" as I do a couple of site visits and attend an academic conference at the University of Mississippi next week.

But, I hope to be providing updates here a lot more often during this next 10-day period as I hit the road and depart Tuscaloosa.

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