Sunday, March 01, 2009

7:30 a.m. The Ultimate Dilemma

When they say "If you don't have to travel on the roadways, don't" that's usually good advice.

But, do you follow that when it comes to church?

I don't think the above advice has been given for today. But, it's worth noting as a point of reference.

Like myself, many Alabama residents are pondering that question-- do I go? do I stay home? With 8 a.m. services minutes away, that decision would be a timely one.

Most churches are probably not going to cancel all of their services. A good number will.

Back home in Richmond, Virginia, where I grew up the son of a church deacon and deaconess, that decision was always to hold services for those who could attend.

My father actually played a role in clearing snow from parking lots so that we could have services.

So, it's laughable almost that when you don't even have to clear away snow, churches would not have services.

That said, even experienced winter weather drivers (I drove over snow-paved highways in Northern Kentucky for two weeks during the Blizzard of 1993) can get rusty.

Here are factors we might consider in that ultimate Sunday morning dilemma:

1. Am I using the winter weather as an excuse to stay home?
2. Are conditions bad enough that I would not go to work?
3. What will I miss if I do not go to services today?
4. Do I have a role in today's Sunday School or church that someone else can cover?
5. Are there hazardous areas over which I have to travel (bridges, overpasses) that are likely impassible?

And, then there's the age-old "What Would Jesus Do?" query. Not to mock those who use the phrase as truly an evangelistic strategy, but should we ask that question. There's no reference in the Bible (that I can recall) to snowy conditions under which Jesus had to travel.

The Decision

I live in a cul-de-sac at the foot of a hill. The street is a little wet, but not icy and impassible. If the roads were really bad, this back road deep in a subdivision would be some indication of what I could expect.

And, one other issue that a friend brought to my attention-- will insurance companies assist if you have an accident? That can depend on whether local authorities have declared a certain winter weather emergency.

The roads have not been cold enough to freeze over. There's one overpass between here and church-- and I can take a different roate so I don't even have to go over that overpass.

So, I'll leave 30 minutes early-- just in case-- but to church I will go.

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