Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alabama has a new local newscast

For those like me who love to follow the happenings in the broadcast news world, you'll be excited to know that Huntsville is the latest Alabama market to add a local program.

You may have read my posting on the COM-J blog last year where I talked about Montgomery added a local newscast on its CW affiliate. The newscasts was actually produced by WAKA-TV, the CBS affiliate.

In a an earlier experiment that failed, WAAY produced a primetime product for WZDX. Now, the FOX affiliate is going on its own with an interesting relationship with Independent Network News(INN), which is based in Iowa.

The INN product used to air here in Tuscaloosa on our University-owned station, WVUA.

The story about WZDX's new 9pm news was first reported in The Huntsville Times last week.

This week, Huntsville became the latest market to add an early evening newscast with FOX affiliate WZDX-TV joining the news competition where WHNT, WAAY, and WAFF have been for years with a 10pm product.

No doubt, with the Super Bowl in two weeks and American Idol starting, this was the perfect time to try a local news product.

It will be interesting to see if the station eventually adopts the "MY FOX" concept that has been happening at many affiliates-- even those not owned by the network.

I hope to check out the new broadcast in a few weeks when I'm up in the Tennessee Valley/Shoals area this winter.

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