Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Digital Yearbook Provides Path to the Past

These days yearbooks are often not the first publication outlet one gravitates toward when deciding where to work.

In fact, some college yearbooks have gone out of service after years of poor sales and low interest.

In the last few years, the University of Alabama Libraries has been augmenting its digital collection.

One of the items in the digital collection is a set of old copies of the UA Yearbook, The Corolla. In thumbing through the 1969 Corolla, I stumbled upon a familiar face.

Professor Dan Meissner has been teaching in our journalism department for years. But, I didn't realize that he worked as a staff photographer for The Crimson White.

Today, I know him as the chairman of the Tuscaloosa City School Board.

My point-- you never know what or who'll you'll find in the digital yearbook.

The UA Digital Library is a great resource for news reporters and editors trying to expand or deepen their coverage.

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