Saturday, January 19, 2008

CNN Documentary on MLK Papers Fascinating

It you have not seen it, CNN Soledad O'Brien's hourlong documentary on Dr. King's papers is worth an hour of your time.

CNN re-aired the program, "Martin Luther King: Words That Changed a Nation" tonight, two days before the 22nd observance of the King National Holiday.

When King's papers were purchased and brought back to Atlanta last year, CNN took a crew back to some of the places connected to the papers and made the writings of the Dr. King come alive.

Many of us have heard of the "Letter from the Birmingham Jail." But, to see Dr. King's actual handwriting and hear the stories surrounding that writing is a whole other thing.

CNN has created a companion Web site with teaching guides and PDF files of some of the documents referenced in the documentary.

Civil rights warriors like Andrew Young, Wyatt Tee Walker, Congressman John Lewis and Fred Gray all appear in the program.

There are very few documentary works on civil rights movement that can compare to the award-winning Eyes on the Prize series, which first aired more than 20 years ago.

But, this CNN special comes very close.

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