Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Snowy Day in Tuscaloosa--FINALLY!

It's been a L---O---N--G time coming for me-- five years and one month to be exact.

That's how long I've been in Tuscaloosa and never seen it snow here.

This morning, I awakened to flakes falling with a little accumulation on shrubbery and grassy areas in the front yard. While it's been waiting to be put in service-- my snow shovel will not be needed today. And, the bag of rock salt will remain in the garage.

Both of those items I brought from Cincinnati to Smyrna, Ga. in 1995 to Athens, Ga. where they were used ONCE in five years in 2002.

Now, today in January 2008, I thought I'd better take some shots of the frozen precipitation before it melts.

Up until now, I've had to travel elsewhere-- Estes Park, Colorado and Reno, Nevada-- to see the white stuff.

Of course, there's a chance another wave of winter weather will move through before the season is over.

But, at least I can now say that it DOES snow in Alabama.

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